Monday, January 23, 2012

Thunder Boomies

Hi everyone!
Last night was scary. The people on the internets said my house was going to have a big thunderstorm and to STAY INSIDE. I really don't like the thunder boomies that come with those storms. I shake and shake. I feel much better when my mommy or That Daddy Guy holds me.

Since the storms were supposed to last for most of the night and since I was already shaky with some of the early boomies, my people made the best decision in the world. They let me sleep all night in the big bed with them! Aren't they the best?

Sometimes my people lift me into their bed in the morning on the weekends (the bed is way too tall for me to jump). Last week, That Daddy Guy went out of town and Mommy let me stay in bed to keep her company. All three of us had a pretty great night. My people slept through most of the storms and I pretty much stayed put.

Even though we didn't have to hide in the closet, some areas in Mom's home state were not as lucky. They are still rebuilding from major tornadoes from last year when other areas got hit with one last night. We don't think any friends were affected, but keep the Birmingham, AL area in your thoughts.


  1. those storms are way to scary
    Benny & Lily

  2. I am very scared of thunder boomies too. My people got me a Thundershirt & it helps me a lot.

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    Nubbin wiggles,