Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Basketball and Adventures

Yesterday was the greatest day ever! Yesterday, the Kentucky Wild(kitty)cats won their basketball game. Apparently this was a special game because they won trophy. In fact, it's their eighth trophy. I've never won a trophy. But if I ever did, I bet I'd win one for "Cutest Mister Ever" 'cause I am.

My dad was very happy and my mom was excited, too. I could tell they were happy and ran around and barked and would hop on the couch and hop off and run around and hop up and bark and hop of and...well, you get the idea. Mom and Dad debated going downtown, but Dad had to get up for work today, so they just watched the recap on TV and watched everyone's tweets and BookFace thingy.

Today was pretty great, too. Mom and I went adventuring.

I wore my UK bandana while adventuring! First, Dad wanted a paper to remember the game, so Mom and I went to get one. Then, Mom had to go to work...That wasn't part of the adventure. But she did get to leave early, so that's when we did adventures. We went to the V-E-T's office to get my medicine. The nice lady at the counter said hi to me and told me not to worry because I wasn't getting poked today. Good!

Anyway, after V-E-T, we went to one of my favorite places-the bank! The lady there just loved my bandana and gave me a treat. That's why I love the bank. Finally, Mom was very hungry, so we went to my very favorite place-the drive-thru! I didn't get a treat there, but Mom said that was probably good since I didn't need another one. What do you know, Mom? Then we came home and held paws and snuggled until Dad got home.

Wow! I had a busy day!

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  1. It was a big game alright. You look like a pretty good mascot
    Benny & Lily