Tuesday, March 27, 2012

ANOTHER March birthday

Today is a very important day. Today is my mommy's birthday (I know. Her family has lots of birthdays in March)! If she didn't have a birthday, she wouldn't be here with me helping me type a blog. And I would be very sad. Oh, and if you're wondering, Mommy is 4 years old.
It's not a big secret that my mommy is my favorite person. Dad's OK with that though. After a little while of being alone with him, I relax a little, but never completely until Mom's home.

What we do best: nap!

I made sure Mom didn't miss a minute of her birthday and woke her up early. Dad helped me pick out a card for her and I really wanted her to see it (or go on my walk...same thing). She had to run some errands and go to that work place, but I went in to my crate without complaining, just for her! Dad beat her home and they took me on another walk and then Dad took her to dinner. I wasn't invited. Phooey on that. But she gave me lots of cuddles and I gave her lots of puppy kisses, so I guess I forgive her.

Happy birthday, Mommy! I love you even though you make me wear stupid costumes sometimes and leave me alone when you go to work.


  1. Happy birthday, human! (I'm new to your blog, and look forward to learning more about yous!

    1. Glad you found my blog. I'm looking forward to learning about you, too!

  2. Happy birthday Mister's Lady! You're a very mature looking 4 year old, BOL!

    Here is a link to the boots I wear: http://pawzdogboots.com/. There are 12 boots in a package and each set of four boots lasts a pretty long time. I didn't like walking in them at first, and I don't wear them on walkies, but I got used to them very quickly. We highly recommend these to any mud loving dogs & they don't even pay us to say that ;)

    Nubbin wiggles,

  3. Happy Birthday to your momma
    Benny & Lily