Saturday, March 26, 2011

Another Thing to Share

I've been in a sharing mood lately (if you wanted to come rub my belly). I found this when I came across my new Twitter fur-iend, Wesley's, blog. I have to agree with all of these reasons to have a dog, of course!

Having a dog means…

1. It means you’ll always have someone who genuinely wants to have dinner with you. [My mom looked at Dad when she read this one, who then looked at me, who was begging while Dad ate his dinner]

2. It means there’s always someone at home waiting for you. (And, sometimes waiting on you. To throw that ball.)

3. It means you’ll always be needed. And loved. And worthy of some tail-wagging.

4. It means there will always be someone who doesn’t judge you. Unless you forget a dog walk or meal time. At those rare instances, you might have to wait 2 seconds for forgiveness. Okay, done.

5. It means there’s someone who—despite #’s 1-4—is still their own being, capable of their own (sometimes irritating) decisions. And, physiologically speaking, could survive without you. Just doesn’t want to.

6. It means there’s always, always, always at least one happy living being in your home. Can you put a price on that?

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