Friday, March 18, 2011


Today may have been one if the greatest days ever. Winter wasn't much fun, since it's so cold. My yard turned into an ice skating rink a lot. Made it hard for a puppy dog to do his business (if you know what I mean). Not today though! Today was a wonderfully warm day. Mom felt bad that I've been cooped up all winter, so she surprised me. Instead of our usual morning walk, she took me to some place called the "Arboretum." There was a walking trail and lots of new smells. I saw a couple of other puppy dogs and we met new people friends, too.

Here's me enjoying the Arboretum. It's part of the University of Kentucky and sits right across from their football stadium. Where Mom took this picture had a lot of traffic, so I got a little distracted watching the cars.

After the Arboretum, Mom took me to my second favorite place ever-the bank! The lady at the window was kind of busy, but she said since I had waited so patiently, she'd give me my treat while she got Mom's stuff done.
We came home and I had to take a long nap! It's tough being me.

When Mom got home from work, we enjoyed the back yard. Here's me keeping watch over the puppy dogs that live on the other sides of the fence. The dogs on the OTHER other side had to take care of themselves!

Thanks Mom, for the greatest day ever! Next time, think Dad could join us?

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