Monday, March 14, 2011

My New Fur-iend

Thanks for the prayers so far. Aunt Melanie took Bear to the V-E-T and the prognosis isn't as bad as we first thought! She has a couple of options she's thinking about though and it's still only going to give a little more time.
But I have something else to talk about: My new fur-iend! My mom and dad have friends that live a few hours away and they came down to visit last week. The best part was they brought their puppy dog, Luna.

We kinda look alike, except she's bigger...and a beagle...and a girl.

One thing we have in common is begging. Here we are trying to convince Luna's mom to give us a fry. It didn't work :(

And here we are begging again, except from Dad (notice a pattern of what we did?). Luckily, our charms worked better on him!
Mom was very proud of my behavior, too. Luna's mom was a little worried that I wouldn't like sharing a house. I shared my house and and yard just fine...Sharing Mom, that was another story. But I only growled (without showing teeth). I did feel the need to follow her around to make sure she didn't get lost or try to take something. I'm glad to have another 4-legged fur-iend. I hope she come back soon. Mom says sometime we'll try to make the trip to see Luna's house. That would probably be fun!

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  1. Thanks for being my fur-iend! You're so cool to have your own fenced yard AND a blog. Come visit my house anytime, but BYOB - I finish my bones right away!