Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Everybody Loves a Jack!

You will never guess what fun Mom and I had today! First, we went on our morning walk. That alone was pretty great. Even better though was we met another dog and his walker. This dog was pretty big and scared me a little at first (don't tell), but his walker said he just wanted to play and we sniffed and all was well. But the best part is his walker asked if I was...wait for it...a PUPPY! ROFB! I'm 6 years old (give or take of course)! Sometimes Mom calls me her old man, since I'm starting got more white on my face. It just made my day!
Then, Mom took me to the V-E-T. Don't worry. I'm fine. We just had to pick up my medicine. Mom likes to bring me so I'm not always scared of V-E-T. Plus I like car rides of all kinds. Anyway, my medicine wasn't quite ready, so to pass time, I charmed the ladies in the office. They were all telling me how cute I was and what a great name I had. They really know how to make a dog's day!

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