Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend Recap

Oh my goodness! Has it really been this long? I'm picking up my mommy's bad blogging habits!

This has been the best worst most interesting weekend ever! Things started off not so great. Mommy and Daddy went on one of those date things Friday. They grabbed a quick dinner and saw a movie. I guess it wasn't so bad because they took me on a W-A-L-K first and the movie wasn't crazy long.

Saturday was a mixed bag. I was happy because Grandma and Grandpaw came to visit! That's Daddy's mom and dad. Of course, Grandma fed me lots of treats. I even let Grandpaw pet on me. And I rode with him and Daddy to pick up lunch. Mom was so proud. But, that Uncle Ryan guy came. I'm mostly ambivalent towards him. What made that visit bad was that he brought "Thing" with him. The people call Thing "Walter." Apparently he's Ryan's new puppy. I wasn't a big fan. He tried to make me play games with him and I told him those were baby games. Mom and Dad say I need to learn to play games like Thing and I can teach him how to be lazy and we could be friends. No thanks. I found a safe spot though, to escape. The people were good about not letting Thing into the safe place and Daddy gave me extra protection. I can't wait to tell Thing he's adopted!

Uncle Ryan and Thing (a.k.a. "Walter")

"Grandma, why are you holding that thing? You should be giving me treats!"

Yay! Treat time!

Puppies wear me out. I prefer the ones on Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl. They don't steal Grandma or make me play baby games.

Sunday was great...well, kind of. Mom had that carpet monster out. I hate that thing. Almost as much as thunder! But that evening, a bunch of people came to feed me! They watched football and I even let some of them pet me. Mom was very proud about how quickly I'm starting to warm up to people, even the boy strangers.

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  1. Extra protection is always good in scawy situations
    Benny & Lily