Monday, February 13, 2012

Blog Share

Hi friends! I hope everyone is staying warm. It snowed over the weekend and was very cold. I love munching on snow, but I know to stay away from the yellow stuff ;)

We had a pretty low-key weekend around here. Mommy and Daddy went on their Valentine's Day date, but I wasn't allowed. Mommy says I'm still her Valentine though and on the actual day I might even get something special. You better not be lying, Mommy. Other than the date, we spent lots of time just laying around on the couch. I love weekends like that.

I do want to share a blog post with everyone. My pal, Bandit, has such great insight on holidays and his latest one (found HERE) shows you to watch your back on Valentine's Day and that the lovey-dovey junk is really just a rouse. His brother, Scout, recently went over the Rainbow Bridge, so give him a few licks while you're visiting.

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