Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fat Tuesday

Today is a great holiday. Even the name is great: Fat Tuesday! Today is the last day of celebrations (I hear New Orleans has a really big party) before we enter the season of Lent. I don't know too much about Lent, but my mommy says it's a time of self-reflection about Christ's sacrifice. Some people give up things during Lent. I think I'll give up baths.
Anyway, since Lent is about sacrifice, people like to have one last hurrah and that happens today. Count me in! Some people like to have pancake suppers. I love pancakes!

This is an old picture from when my friend, Luna, and her people came to visit. Dad made pancakes. And a few extras for us!

My people got McDonald's for dinner though and I had my same old kibble. Dad did sneak me a few fries though, so maybe there's hope for my Fat Tuesday!

Let the good times roll!


  1. Replies
    1. My people call me fat all the time! I say I'm just big-boned. And fluffy. And round.