Monday, February 27, 2012

Human Mysteries and Airplanes

Hi friends! I hope everyone is enjoying their Lenten time. So far, I'm rocking my idea of giving up baths! I don't know why everyone thinks giving something up is hard.

Anyway, we had a great weekend around here. Lots of napping and laying around and my people tell me how adorable I am. We even took a surprise trip last night to Fro-Jos. I had to wait in the car (boo), but I do love a car ride!

Today I helped Mom out in the yard. And by helped, I mean I laid in the sun, sniffed stuff and then peed on it, and looked at Mom while she pulled stuff out of the flower bed. Hey, how come when I mess around in the flower bed I get yelled at, but when Mom does it, it's called "weeding"? Just one of the many mysteries of humans, I guess.

Oh well. I hope everyone has a great Monday. We're waking up early tomorrow to take Daddy to the airplane launch pad. He has to go to St. Louis for boring work stuff, so Mom and I are going to stay here. We're going to have lots of fun, like car rides for dinner and letting me sleep in the big bed (you hear that, Mom? I'm sleeping in Dad's spot!). I'd miss Daddy if there's a thunderstorm. I better go check the weather!


  1. Who can understand those silly humans? Glad you got to enjoy some awesome yard time...I, too, love laying in the sun, sniffing stuff and peeing on it. I sometimes even lift my leg...I learned that from my boy friends! Here's hoping there's no thunderstorm while your dad's away!

  2. you must be exhausted from helping
    Benny & Lily