Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring and Work

Today was a great day! Mommy and I went on a super long walk. I liked sniffing all the blooming trees. I like to think they look so pretty because of all my expert watering ;)

Daddy had to go to the people V-E-T today because his ear was feeling funny. I hope the people V-E-T isn't like the puppy dog V-E-T and do unmentionable things to his hind half. Actually, I hope they did. Serves the people right messing with me like that! Anyway, turns out he has an ear infection, so Mom and I picked up his medicine and took it to him at work.

Here's me helping Dad do his work. He has a very important job. He has to sit at a desk for a thousand hundred hours before he's allowed to come home.

What cha got, Dad? Anything for me?

The best part about visiting Dad at work is the ladies that love on me. I played shy the very first time I visited, but I let them get some good pets in today. I even schmoozed one into giving me a treat, but she said I could only have half of it because I was too curvy. Except she didn't say "curvy." Whatever lady. I'm just big boned!

Afterward, Mom and I came home and I helped her with projects until she had to leave for her work place. Boo on work, Mommy!


  1. We agree. We always hope mom's V-E-T pokes her and sticks things where they don't belong too
    Benny & Lily

  2. Next time that lady calls you curvy, water her foot. Then maybe she'll bloom flowers too, and smell nice...instead of being a buttface. :)