Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Grandmas and Horsies

Hey pals!

So my best weekend ever....After Mommy got home from her adventures, it really was Mommy/Mister fun day. She settled in on the couch, but instead of snuggling her, I napped under the big bed. Serves her right.

The next day was great. We went to Grandma's house! Her birthday was Friday, so we went to celebrate. Too bad The Thing was there, but I did get great news. The Thing is moving!! Far away!!!! His mommy got a job in Virginia and his daddy is moving there too, so they're taking The Thing with him! Greatest news ever. I was so excited, I almost was nice to him. Then he wouldn't stop trying to make me play with him so I had to show him who was still in charge.

Waiting on Grandma and Grandpaw to come home from church

Sunday was a great day, too. I got to go to Great-Grandma's! She cooked a yummy lunch, as always and when we were done, it was time for a parade! I love this parade. Anyone who wants can be in it and if you can ride it, it's in too. People drove funny cars and 4-wheelers and my personal fave--rode horsies! I even let The Thing share a popsicle with me.

Me and The Thing

Watching from the shade

The most underexcited cheerleaders ever

Do you have a snack Grandpaw?


HORSIES!!! The parade was so long, the people had already reached the end and were coming back, so I didn't get a great view of the horsies.

Checking on everyone, making sure the horsies didn't get them!

And that's why it was the greatest weekend ever!

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  1. What a fun parade. We can see you are on guard protecting everyone from the horses. Nice job. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. You sure did have some great days. Maybe you can have a going away pawrty too
    Benny & Lily

  3. Don't worry about The Thing moving away. I'll still be around to keep you company. You know I can be just as annoying, especially when grandmas are handing out treats.