Saturday, July 13, 2013


Hi friends!

Yesterday was the BEST day EVER! Yesterday, my mommy had the whole day off work and nothing on the schedule. She's had a bad habit lately of scheduling appointments on her off-day, but had nothing yesterday. We took a super extra long walk (which was just heavenly since the humidity has been usually low, so it felt nice and cool) and then went adventuring. Mommy's dog taxi needed gas and we got a little extra the feed the lawn mowing monster so it didn't attack me. Then we went to my favoritest place ever: Starbucks! I worked my wiles, but the lady didn't offer a puppy latte and Mommy won't ask for one. Boo. We came home and relaxed though.

Mom did a few chores around the house and when Daddy got home, he suggested we go on a picnic. I didn't know what one was, but when they asked if I wanted to go, I went crazy and said, "Yes. Yes Yes. Oh please can we go?!?!?!" So we went on a little walk around the block, packed up dinner, and drove to a park near our house. Apparently a picnic is where humans take food and eat outside on the ground. Weird, but very easy to beg from and steal drippings, so it's basically the greatest thing EVER.

Me on a picnic. It's delicious!

Apparently this is what a picnic is. Weird, but tasty!

Me and my people. I had to stand guard with all the birds and bunnies.

Once we were finished eating, we walked around the grounds a bit. I even got to ride a horsie! Then my dad got another great idea. He asked, "Mister, would you want to get Fro-Jo's?" I love Fro-Jo's so I said, "Oh Daddy, please can we? It's the greatest thing ever!"

Dad helping me ride my first horse.

Fro-Jo's was having their Friday Night Live where a band plays in the parking lot. I let a little boy pet on me while Mommy got her cup ready and Dad sat with me. Then Mommy came out and Daddy came back with TWO Fro-Jos. Except I forgot Mommy didn't come out with hers, so the extra wasn't for me. Boo. 

Watching the band and waiting on Fro-Jo's

But when we got home, my people got a Frosty Paws out of the freezer and let me eat on it while they ate their Fro-Jo's on the patio.

"Um, Dad, I ate all my Frosty Paws. Can I have your Fro-Jo's?"

And that's why yesterday was the greatest day ever! Except after we came inside, the Frosty Paws and
barbecue sandwiches didn't agree with my tummy, so I puked a few times which made me lose sleeping in the big bed privileges. Boo on that, but it was worth it for picnics and Frosty Paws!

Picnics are exhausting.


  1. OMD what a great day but pity about the barf ending....LOL. Hope the rest of the weekend is as exciting. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. We love picnics. Sorry about your tummy issue
    Benny & Lily

  3. Sounds like a wonderful day!! It's too bad you got upset tummy and lost bed privileges. Maybe next time...