Monday, July 29, 2013

Quack Treats

Hi pals!

Mr. Serkin from Prime Pet Supply wrote me and asked if I would like to try some of their Etta Says! duck treats. I've never met a treat I didn't like, so I said, "Oh please!" Mom did a quick check of the website, just to make sure they weren't selling anything bad and she liked what she saw.

Mr. Serkin sent me two kinds of treats! I got a bag of the freeze dried duck meat treats and roasted duck meat for small dogs.
Hmm...I should inspect.

Looks legit

Smells delicious

Can I have one now?

Will sit funny for treats. This is how I sat in my Petfinder picture and what stole Mommy's heart!


 Once I tasted one, I went BANANAS for more! Mommy told me to sit and I would sit, lie down, roll over, and dance all at the same time. Just give me the treat! Mom planned to take video of me doing tricks, but with all my running in circles, she couldn't.

I finally let Mom tell me to play dead, but I was still so excited my paws still moved. Excuse Mom's foot.

Thank you Mr. Serkin for my treats! They're a hit at my house. Head over to Prime Pet Supply and check out their other offerings.  The Etta Says! treats are made in America and Mom likes that the freeze-dried ones are soft enough to hide my medicine in. Wait...what?

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  1. Oh boy! I got those same treats and am working on my review too! Weren't they delicious?!?
    *high paws*