Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Gotcha Day #3

Hi friends!

Today is the best day ever! Today is my most specialest of all days and the second best holiday in the whole world. Today is my Gotcha Day. A Gotcha Day is kind of like a birthday or adoption day. It's the day I came to live forever with my people. They took me home with them three years ago. They've been pretty great parents so far, except for all the abuses I suffer like not getting all the French fries or when Mommy leaves me or not letting me sleep every night in the big bed.  

I wasn't too sure about That Daddy Guy at first, but this week especially, I've been greeting him with a wagging tail and asking for ear scratches. He's been happy to oblige. I guess I'll keep him.

Anyway, to celebrate my specialest of all days, I got an extra long evening W-A-L-K. I also got a very special treat from The Bluegrass Barkery. I didn't even know Mommy bought it! She sure can be sneaky!

Darn right I'm a stud! But at least this one's not pink like last year's treat.

Torture I say! Mommy had to hold it because she knew I'd never wait long enough for her to snap the picture!


Can I have a Gotcha Day every day?

Supposedly I have a present coming, too, so I guess that means it's from Santa Paws. Since it's summer, he must be a little behind because it isn't here yet. Mommy assures me I've been a god puppy dog though and will be here soon.
Now I'm all snuggled up on Mom because some yahoo decided it'd be fun to shoot those terrible firework boomies and I don't like it! Still the best Gotcha Day ever!


  1. A big warm happy gotcha day to you. We can see you enjoyed the cookie. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Happy gotcha day! What a great cookie there!!