Friday, December 30, 2011

Greatest Christmas Ever

Hi friends! Sorry for the long silence. Mommy may be off work this week, but she's been doing lots of projects around the house. Those projects make her tired and when I ask if she'll help me with the blog she just says, "In a little while." Well, apparently that means in 40-leventy billion years.

I had the best Christmas ever! I've already shared Christmas with Daddy's family and for "calendar" Christmas, we went to Mommy's parents' house. But first, we took a little drive to a house here in town that loves their Christmas lights:

There was a family here that spoke Spanish also checking out the lights. A little girl called me a "perro." I was about to tell her I wasn't a perro, I was a Mister dog, but Mom said a perro IS a dog in Spanish. So now I know Spanish! I'm a Senor perro (or would it be perro Senor?)

Anyway, this is me and my Dad on the steps of Christmas house. We had a fun outing.

The next day, we left for Grandma and Grandpa's house. They live in Tennessee and have 3 kitty cats! I loved the kitty cats and they didn't seem to mind me, either!

Hi there. What are you? You have 4 legs and a tail like a dog, but I don't think you're a dog.

On Christmas morning, I saw Santa Paws found me all the way in Tennessee! I'm so glad Mom called him to let him know our travel plans.

We opened stockings and I had lots of treats! I even tried to just grab the plastic bag from Mom. She wrestled it away and gave me one of the chewies.

I'm not sure if Barbara was the present or if she just thought she was a present

Santa also brought me a new bed and it's PAW-SOME! Nice and fluffy and great spots to lay my head on.

My family on Christmas

Me enjoying all of my new bedding!

So that was my Christmas. I hope everyone else had a great weekend. I'm a little worried about this weekend. I seem to have misplaced my mommy!

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  1. Happy new year Mister (or should that be Senor Perro now?!!). Glad to see you had a pawsome time, and the picture of Barbara peeking out of that bag is great!!! xoxo